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Is Rocaltrol safe after breast removal surgery?

Q: I am 57 years old, undergone radical mastectomy 15 years back, was taking Tamoxifen for five years and since my operation had menopause. On a causal check for bone density, the stiffness index read 61. The surgeon who operated on me recommended Rocaltrol 1-0-1, Osteospan 0-0-2, Orthobid and Supractiv for 3 months, while my gynaecologist says that I should not be taking Rocaltrol due the mastectomy. Please advise, which of these medications should I take and will the density come back to normal?

A:Rocaltrol is a synthetic vitamin D. There is no evidence that it affects breast cancer in any way. One should avoid hormones such as oestrogens and progesterones, if one has had a mastectomy. However, I think that Rocaltrol is perfectly safe.


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