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Is Prepucialplasty better than circumcision?

Q: I am a 22 years old man. When I was 19 years, I was diagnosed with phimosis. Since then I have lost my happiness. I have met many doctors, but all of them suggest only full circumcision. But, I don't want to be fully circumcised. I am strictly against this. I have heard about Prepucialplasty as an alternative surgery. Can I opt for this? I am in Chennai, India and nobody recommends this here. Can you please suggest me a good doctor anywhere in India who does this operation? Also, I have heard about partial circumcision; is this a good option?

A:Prepucialplasty can be done easily, it is a smaller operation, It may not look as beautiful. Partial circumcision is possible and may be a better option. You are right in your thinking that circumcision is not the only choice and lately even in western world the benefits of circumcision are questioned and the pendulum is swinging towards preserving the skin.


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