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Is pain in abdomen related to diverticulosis?

Q: I am 71 years old. Several years back a barium X-ray revealed that I had multiple pouches in the large intestine. Colonoscopy revealed a small polyp (biopsy negative) and smeared out. Two years back another colonoscopy was done but showed no sign of polyp recurrence but the number of pouches had increased. I get occasional intestinal pain (localised lower right side, almost at the appendix area). Fibre food is my priority and therefore normal bowel movement. The pain is not severe, but moderate and irregular. No occult blood in stools. Is the pain related to diverticulosis especially when there is no sign of micro-perforations on any of the pouches (diverticula), nor are there any abnormalities in liver, spleen, kidney and stomach as per recent detailed tests.

A:Yes, the pain could be related to your diverticulosis. However it is a bit unusual that it is on the right side. More often it is on the left side or lower central abdomen. High fibre helps prevent development of diverticulosis but sometimes high fibre may aggravate symptoms of diverticulosis. Try low fibre diet for a while while using some laxative such as cremaffin. Colospa may help as well.


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