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Is our decision to have only one child fair?

Q: We have a son who is 2 years and 9 months old. We have decided not to have any more children as we both are working and we feel we may not be able to dedicate our time to the children if we have more than one child. But our relatives and friends advise us to go for the second child and their version is that the kid will become lonely and after we leave this world the kid will have no one on his side. I would like to know whether being a lone child will have any effect on the psychology of a child and if yes, what are they? Is our decision fair?

A:You are the best judges of what is good for you. I think that the advice of friends and relatives is well intentioned and therefore to be listened to with respect. But there is no way that anyone can take all the advice they are given, paid advice or free advice! Since you are young, thinking about a time when you will be gone is too far into the future. Having two children can be good for them and for you. But believe me, there are no formulas for happiness. Only children often manage to have very good relations with their cousins and neighbours. If you give your child lots of affection, he will grow up to be affectionate and trusting and be inclined to share his life with others. As you know, friends can be as supportive as those related by blood. We cannot plan everything in life, but we can trust to learn our own intuition and good sense.


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