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Is my weight loss related to hypothyroidism?

Q: I am a 26 years woman, weigh 69 kg and suffering from hypothyroidism. I am taking Eltroxin (50 mg). Now, my T3, T4 and TSH are normal. But I have lost more than 10 kg weight. My menses are also not fixed, keep changing every month. Why am I losing weight?

A:Your TSH is normal which means that weight loss is not related to hypothyroidism. Other endocrine cause of weight loss is cortisol deficiency. This can be tested by doing 8.00 AM serum cortisol level. You need to be investigated for other causes of weight loss such as some chronic infection, diabetes etc. I would suggest you to visit a physician who will examine you in detail and depending upon clinical diagnosis will advise you tests.


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