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Is my weakness related to the removal of pancreas?

Q: I underwent a surgery for pancreatic cancer 2 years ago. A year before that, I was diagnosed with jaundice accumulated in my gall bladder with no stones, which was treated with E.R.C.P. A year later it was diagnosed that the common bile duct (CBD) and the pancreatic head were to be removed. It has been 2 years now and I have no complications. But I feel very weak and have had persistent fever. My haemoglobin is 7.5. Is my weakness related to low haemoglobin. I have a lot of gas problems as well. Please suggest a treatment. A week ago, I felt very itchy and burning sensation while passing stool. I also got a blood clot in the stool. The stool test report suggested mucous and pus cells 1-2 and RBC cells 1-2. My surgeon suggested Ciplox-tz. Now I am somewhat relieved. I have been taking Livogen-Z for haemoglobin and Riconia Silver for vitamin. Is it related to the surgery or to the medicines? I have stooped the intake of both the medicines as suggested by my doctor.

A:You have not mentioned what kind of surgery was performed on you. Most probably, a portion of your pancreas was removed. After this kind of surgery, the patient may develop poor absorption of food because of: a) Deficiency of pancreatic enzymes b) Poor mixing of pancreatic juice with food because of a change in the anatomy after the surgery. You may need to take pancreatic enzymes and extra iron and vitamins (to improve your haemoglobin levels). I suggest you contact a gastroenterologist who will be able to provide you with the correct treatment plan.


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