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Is my son suffering from ADHD?

Q: My 2.4-year-old son does not speak on his own. When we take him out, he becomes restless. He likes going out on his own. He loves music and sings songs without missing a tune. He also understands everything we say. He is also very organised for his age, for example, while taking out his toys if something else falls down, he first puts the fallen thing in its place and then takes his toy. The doctors here suspect he has ADHD. I am worried about him. Is my son normal? Will it take more time for him to talk on his own?

A:Your two-year-old does not sound like he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Why don't you learn to appreciate his talents and traits, like being musical and meticulous about how things are placed, instead of wanting him to be like someone else? As long as his hearing is normal, which it must be if he can hear music, and he is happy to be by himself, I cannot see why you are worried. When he is with other children, he will pick up talking. If he hears more than one language at home, he could be sorting them out in his mind. Some children like to be quite sure before they say anything.


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