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Is my son having asthma or hyperactive airway disease?

Q: My two and a half months old son had cough and wheezing when he was only 15 days old. The doctor gave him Mucolite, Tixilix syrups for 20 days. But the cough was not cured. Then he asked to do a chest x-ray. The report was normal so he stopped the medicines and then after 2-3 days cough too got cured. But suddenly 10 days back again he started coughing then I took him to another doctor who said that he is breathing very fast and there is wheezing too. So he admitted my son for 5 days in the hospital. He was given asthalin nebulisation after every 20 minutes for 10 times and then after every 2 hours for 8 times and then after 4-6 hours. They have given Asthalin, Tikiped syrup, Xylomat saline nasal drops for 2 days in hospital and stopped it then they gave T-minic drops for 3 days. Two days back when we took him for a check up the doctor said that he is having asthma. We consulted another doctor and he said that he is having ‘hyperactive airway disease (HRAD)’. The doctors asked me to continue Asthalin, Tikiped syrup for 5 days and Asthalin and Flohale inhaler for 3 months. Is he taking the correct medication? Sometimes his body parts are shaking. Is it because of medicine? Is it asthma or HRAD?

A:Both the terms 'hyper reactive airway disease' and 'asthma' refer to the same disease state. The treatment for the illness of your son is appropriate. Generally, for any individual patient, any treatment would be tailored that particular patient. this treatment is better done after a clinical examination. Regarding the shivering that your child has, it could be due to a cold air daught or a short bout of fever. It could be explained by the doctor who has had the benefit of having seen the baby personally. Kindly discuss with the doctor concerned.


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