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Is my son an autistic?

Q: My 1.9 years old son has not started talking yet and while watching TV or any picture book, he never responds. At times, when we call him by his name, he smiles and looks back. His eye contact is fine and he does like to play with me. However, he never plays with a single toy for more than a couple of minutes and generally prefers to play with utensils. For a month or so, we are trying to teach him how to say good-bye but he hasn't leant anything till now. He is very fond of running in the parks and roads outside home but he never interacts with other kids of his age. Sometimes, when we prevent him from doing something, he gets angry and hits us or pulls our hair. He throws toys and books here and there while not playing or looking at them and the very next moment, he starts playing with them. He sometimes walks on his toes. He also started walking rather late, at around 15 months. Is my son an autistic? Could you please tell whether his development is retarded or not? Is it required to go for any medical check-up for his developmental progress?

A:In my view, your child is not autistic. He is also not retarded. Please do consult a child psychologist or counselor, if you have access to one. Such a person can help you to plan suitable activities for your child. Children like to play with utensils. Also at this age, the attention span is short and toys are good things to play with and to throw.


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