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Is my semen analysis report normal?

Q: I am 34 years and father of a child. My wife could not conceive the 2nd time (she conceived 1st time after 9 months of our marriage). The doctor advised me to undergo semen test, report of which is as under: Volume - 2.5, Appearance - White, Reaction - alkaline Ph 7.2-7.8. Microscopic examination, Total count: -30.00 miln/ml, Motility: > 60%, Rapid linear motion (Gr. III & IV) -55%, Sluggish motility (Gr.II) -15%, Non progressive motion (Gr.I), -10%, Non motile (Gr.0) -20%, Pus cells - -4-5/HPF. Is my report normal or I need help of urologist?

A:WHO criteria suggests presence of 20 million good sperms /ml in semen for normal fertility. Since appx 55% of your 30 million sperms are motile, functional concentration seems to be low or just below normal. There is evidence of pus cells in your semen which may be treated to improve the quality. You must also undergo examination by a Urologist as well as ultrasound and Doppler examination of scrotum to exclude vericocele which could be another treatable condition to help improve the semen quality.


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