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Is my partner's sperms analysis normal?

Q: I am 36 years old and have been trying to conceive for the past two years to no avail. This is his recent sperm analysis - Volume - 3.8 ml, Liquefaction Time - Within 1 hr, Motility - 40% (actively motile), Abnormal Forms - 24%, Count 16.5 million/ml, Micro - pus cells. The doctor prescribed Vitamin E 1000 mg and Spemen 2 x 3 per day. Is this a normal semen analysis and would I be able to get pregnant?

A:No, this certainly is not a normal semen analysis. WHO criteria require a minimum of 20 million good sperms for normal conceiving. With 40% motility of 16 million sperms your friend is left with only 6 to 7 million good sperms. The common causes for such happening are infections, varicocoele or presence of anti sperm antibodies, thus requiring examination and further work-up.


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