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Is my daughter too old for us to shower together?

Q: My little girl is 10 years old. I have always given her a bath but recently she wants me to use oil on her to rub her after the bath. She wants me to rub her whole body after the bath for an hour especially her vaginal area. I have never been a shy one and always walk from my room to the shower naked in the morning. For about the last 6 months my daughter has insisted that I wake her up in the morning first and giver her a big naked hug and kiss. I was just wondering if she was a little too old for me to shower with and rub with lotion all over her body.

A:I think that you are unnecessarily stimulating your daughter. I see no reason to rub her down for an hour and to titillate her vaginal area. I would certainly advise you to stop doing so. It would be a good idea to let her take her own bath and not jointly with you. Remember that she is young and her experiences now will last into adulthood. Treat her like a child, not like a female partner.


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