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Is my child's reading habit okay?

Q: My 3.6-year-old son has finished his LKG and he likes to read a lot. Earlier, when he started school, he did not talk much, but now he can speak properly. He always opens his books and starts reading, identfies all colours and can say numbers from 1 to 30. The only problem is that he always wants to read books, even during his sleeping time. He can say small words like that of colours and names of festivals. Whatever he learns at school, he comes and repeats at home. Even after coming back from school, he straightaway goes and opens his books and starts reading. Is it good for him? We do not have neighbours here or children of his age group. He plays only when at school. If he is tired, he sleeps for an hour and then goes directly to his study room and starts reading his books.

A:It is good that your child is interested in learning and in his books. You should buy story books, with lots of pictures that he can look at. You could also get him crayons or colour pencils with which he can draw as he likes. He should be active and playing with a ball and bat or with toys. Give him a variety of things to choose from and let him choose what to play with. Obviously, he gets full approval from parents for repeating numbers or alphabets and so he keeps repeating them. Tell him stories fit for his age and provide him with some children's music. You should also encourage him to talk to you and you should listen to him. Provide him with many toys and objects of interest and make sure that he enjoys himself and stops worrying about pleasing you.


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