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Is my child's foreskin alright or does he need surgery?

Q: My son is 2.5 years old, 16 kg, 95 cm, a normal healthy boy. I have two specific things to ask: There are some hair on his forehead which are now visible after his recent mundan. We purposely avoided that part to be removed by razor during mundan. But now, it looks slightly odd. Are there any methods to get it removed? The foreskin of his penis was retractable for the last 5 months. My wife usually used to put it back everyday at least once during massage but last week after a mild redness and swelling at the tip, we avoided pulling the foreskin back because of pain. Now, will it resume it's normal stage once the redness goes or will it require a cut by a surgeon because when my wife tries it now after a week, it pains a lot and may bleed also if tried forcibly.

A:1. Please do not do anything for the hair. They appear more prominent after the mundan. Once the hair re-grow it will not look bad. 2. Please DO NOT forcibly pull the skin back. You have probably created a crack in the skin that has bled and causes pain. Leave it alone for 2-3 months and then start GRADUAL and GENTLE stretching of the foreskin.


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