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Is my child getting enough milk or should I add Lactare?

Q: My son is 2.5 months old and I am breast feeding him. My mother said that my milk is not sufficient for the baby so I need to give other milk also but I don't want that. My doctor prescribed lactare 1-1 for 10 days. Is taking Lactare safe? How can we know that the baby is getting enough milk? The child is growing fine. What should I do to produce more milk? My son’s birth weight is 2.47 Kg and at 1.5 months his weight is 4.11 kg. At 2.5 months his weight is 4.96 kg. Is he growing fine?

A:You are absolutely right in your concern for your child. Based on the weights, your baby is growing just fine. Continue to feed him your milk ONLY till he is six months old. Take in 1500 cal per day, drink at least one litre of milk per day and take eight hours rest at night and an additional two hours in the afternoon. You will have enough milk for your baby. As it is the weight gain is right. So do not worry on this count. At six months of age it would be best to start additional food, preferably soft freshly cooked home food, calorie rich like halwa, kheer or fruits like mashed banana.


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