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Is my child abnormal or need special care?

Q: My son is 5 years of age. He started speaking at the age of 4.5 years. He was late in all aspects like toilet training, walking, etc. He is very naughty and kind of restless. He cannot speak full sentences even till now. He breaks up the sentence and is unable to convey the message. He is very caring and affectionate and shares all his edibles and toys with his elder brother. He does not mix around with other kids. Presently he is studying with kids in the age group of 3-4 years in a play way school. He can read and write alphabets and figures also. The main cause of worry is his strange behaviour and his anger. Sometimes he bites his teacher and classmates too and is fearless too. He is alert but does not socialise. Please tell me how to deal with him. Is he abnormal and needs some special care or lacks in mental development?

A:We do not use the word abnormal to describe any child. There is a wide spectrum of abilities and behaviours, which fall into the category of normal. Your child may be developmentally delayed, but he is catching up, if he has learnt to read and write the alphabets and numbers. He does need special care and guidance, so that he does not hurt others. You may wish to consult a Psychologist, if such a person is available. The general advice we give to all parents of children who get angry is to make sure the child's diet does not contain Cola drinks or readymade fried snacks. TV also tends to disturb the calmness of some children, with its loudness and violence and fast flashing visuals. Simple Yoga exercises suitable for young children might help. Give him some activity of his choice (like painting) where he would need time and patience. He seems to have a helpful and good nature. Remember to praise him for that and let him get the satisfaction of being a loved member of the family group.


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