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Is my child a slow learner?

Q: I started to realise that my only 8 years old child might be a slow learner (I am not so sure of that yet). I have no problem in accepting this but the problem is that how can I deal with it, if it is found so? His self confidence is very low, he cries a lot and for all silly reasons. He is unable to cope with new situations and can't deal well with his friends. There are some kids in the neighbourhood of his age but he doesn't like to play with them. He is afraid and incapable of competing with kids of his age. As for school, he doesn't like to study, his hand writing looks like that of a 6 years old. He skips letters while writing (in both arabic and English), in addition to some difficulties in reading and in math. Please note that I am a single parent, and most of the times I am tensed. I end up yelling and get nervous. Your help is highly appreciated.

A:At the outset, you must try to introspect if as a single parent, you are being over-anxious, over-protective and emotional in dealing with your only child and making him dependent on you, so that he has reduced confidence. Do his teachers have the same opinion of him? In case a change is required in your own parenting style, you should make an attempt to do so. Still, if he does not show much improvement, it would be advisable to consult a child counsellor.


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