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Is my baby feeding fine?

Q: I am breast feeding my 3 months old baby. I found that the baby is not getting enough milk it needs. I feed the baby often. I have started giving auvin milk 3 ounces a day. Doctors suggest not to substitute breast feed for 6 months. My baby is passing stool once in three to four days. Is this because I have substituted the food. The stool is yellow in colour, in semi-solid state. It is not hurting the baby too. Will the baby get affected as I have substituted the food.

A:Well if the baby is gaining weight and passing urine >5 times/day on breast milk, it means breast milk is adequate. However, for whatever reason, if you want to substitute your milk with top feeds, I would suggest that you continue with breast milk as much as possible and add 1-2 feeds of top milk like lactogen 1 (I don't know what is Auvin milk). Preferably avoid cow milk. If the stools are not hurting the baby then its ok. Start weaning foods by 5-6 months.


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