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Is mitral valve prolapse (MVP) a serious condition?

Q: I am suffering from mitral valve prolapse (trivial MR). I have heard that there is a possibility of sudden death in MVP. Is it true? Will the trivial mitral regurgitation worsen? Why do doctors say that MVP is benign though it is a heart disorder? My Echo report is as follows - normal chambers dimensions; there is no RWMA at rest; good LV systolic function EF = 77%; mitral valve is thickened & myxomatous. There is prolapse of both AML & PML in LA during systole; there is trivial MR; IAS & VAS are intact; no clots/vegetations/effusion; there is no ph. Please advise.

A:MVP is a benign disorder, as in most instances it does not lead to any serious heart ailment. However, in a small minority of patients, it has been noted to be associated with an increased risk of sudden death, as also progressive increase in mitral regurgitation. Therefore yearly follow-up checks are recommended. At this point of time there is no restriction on your activities or lifestyle.


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