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Is milk from a breast pump safe?

Q: I have read on your site that breast feeding is the best food for the baby. However, my two month old baby finds it very difficult to take breast milk directly from me. Now I am using a breast pump to take out breast milk into a bottle and then feed my baby. Is this safe for me and for my baby? I have tried many ways to make him learn to take milk directly from me, but all in vain. He is more comfortable with bottle feeding. Another thing is that I am working and I have only another months leave. After that I wont be getting enough time to feed him directly. My question is whether I should continue feeding him through bottle or force him to take milk directly from me.

A:Its very important for the baby to have breast milk. According to you, you have tried your best to feed the child directly through breast but you were not successful. I still appreciate that you are giving breast milk. The only thing is that if the child is put to breast directly it would further increase your milk production and increase the bond between you two. Have you tried to breast feed him initially when he is very hungry and then switch over to expressed milk in a bottle? Anyways continue to give him breast milk. Once you start working, you could still give him expressed milk.


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