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Is lymph cancer hereditary?

Q: I had undergone radical nephrectomy due to renal cell carcinoma three years back. Currently I am undergoing tests like abdomen ultrasound scanning every six months/CT scan once), blood & urine tests and chest X-ray under the guidance of a urologist. Are these tests sufficient enough to detect or should I consult an Oncologist? My father's brother expired due to lymph cancer, is it hereditary and what precaution should be taken to protect my children from it?

A:Depending on its stage, radical nephrectomy may or may not have been the appropriate treatment for your cancer. I am sure the doctors involved in your case must have thoroughly assured that this was the best treatment for you. Having stated that, it is reasonable to assume that current screening methods prescribed to you to detect cancer recurrence (U/A, CT etc.) are appropriate and no further testing (and Oncology consultation) is required. Also, certain kidney cancers have a genetic and hereditary element associated with their occurrence. History of lymph cancer (in your father's brother) has not been described to have any hereditary association with renal cell cancer. So, I think there is no need for anxiety as far as its occurrence in your children is concerned.


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