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Is liver cirrhosis reversible?

Q: Someone very close has got liver cirrhosis (early stage) due to alcohol. He has now quit alcohol. I have gone through certain websites that inform that degeneration of the liver can be stopped if one stops consuming alcohol. Is this true? Will liver continue to function normally later in life? What precautions shall we take and what is the role of choline in preventing liver degeneration? He has a heart problem and diabetes as well and he will be soon undergoing angioplasty. Sir, is it possible for him to undergo bypass surgery? Actually his bleeding does not stop easily and even a small wound takes a day to stop bleeding. Please tell me if such a case can be well tackled at Escorts Heart Hospital. Please give the necessary information.

A:In general, cirrhosis is not reversible at the current time. There are drugs being tested to reverse cirrhosis, but they are not available as yet. Liver function improves on stopping alcohol, but the full benefit is seen in 6-9 months. In our hands patients with cirrhosis and impaired function (as measured by Child-Pugh class -B, C. Your doctor can calculate these scores for you and determine the class of liver disease) do not do well with cardiac surgery. They have an increased risk of dying, as well as complications.


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