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Is leg pain in children common at night?

Q: My 27 months old child has frequent complain of pain in his left leg below knee during sleeping time at night. He complains of it only at night. We give him Crocin syrup (approx. 5ml) for this. Is it ok to give him this frequently? Also what could be the reason behind this problem. I would like to inform you additionally that he is very active and still is getting feed from his mother. He gets scared of loud sound including vehicle horn and TV and he keeps his hands on his ears. We had it checked by ENT specialist and he had told that there was some infection inside the ear. He had given antibiotics and then it was ok. But after some time of stopping medicines problem again came. Please advise.

A:A lot of young children have pain in their legs at bed time and this is more common if they are very active. You can give him crocin occasionally. but if you need to do this on a daily basis then you need to see a doctor and get the child examined.


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