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Is lactose sensitivity normal in infants?

Q: My baby is seven months old. Recently, he had a bad cold. I stopped all food and gave him only Nan and Actified drops. This led to loose motions. He was passing stools almost six times a day. As a result, he had diaper rash on his back. Later I stopped all milk products and the passing of stools reduced in number. When I checked with his doctor, he said it is due to lactose sensitivity. Is it common in babies? What precautions should I take to ensure that this does not happen in future? Should I never give him sugar, honey or any milk products? Also, he passes stool soon after he has had food (smashed vegetables, Cerelac or Nestum). Is this normal?

A:Sometimes when babies have a tummy upset they get lactose intolerance. This is a temporary thing and settles on its own after some time. There is nothing to prevent you from giving him sugar, honey or other milk products in future. Passing a stool after eating is common in babies due to the gastro-colic reflex. This continues often through the first year of life and sometimes even longer. As long as your baby is gaining weight, do not worry.


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