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Is it possible to treat piles and a fistula together?

Q: I am suffering from both piles and fistula. My doctor advised me to first undergo treatment for fistula then for piles. I have undergone a therapy in which a thread is passed through the cannel. The doctor advised that it may take two to three weeks to drain it out. But the next day the thread came out while passing motion. Is it possible to drain the fistula so fast? Do I have to go again for the same therapy? Is it advisable to do both piles and fistula treatment at the same time?

A:Piles and fistula are two different peri-anal disorders. I think that it may be possible to operate for both diseases together, but I would recommend treatment for the fistula first, then operate the piles once the local fistula-induced inflammation subsides. If the thread has come out, get it re-inserted.


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