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Is it possible to father a child if one of the testes is removed?

Q: In 1992-95 I underwent chemotherapy for seminoma testis and the left testes was removed. I am now 31 years and my testosterone level is 4.00 out of 10.00. Is it advisable for me to have tablets to increase the level to normal? I am married and wish to have a child. A medicine suggested to me is Nuvir (testosterone undecanoate) 40 mg. I want to know its side effects and its effect on my body.

A:Whenever there is a pair of organs (such as lungs, kidneys, testis), one organ is capable of undertaking workload of the two. The best example is the case of kidney donors who continue to live normal life after one of the two kidneys is removed. Therefore, there is no need to take any treatment, per se, unless there is clinical need backed by laboratory tests. In your case primarily it is the semen that has to be normal for conception. It is not clear if your semen analysis has been done. There is a strong probability that it would be normal. If it is normal there is no need for any medication. If it is not normal then you may need to take male hormone (testosterone). In that unlikely eventuality, it would be preferable to take a long-acting injectable formulation (i.e. Testoviron Depot) once every 3 weeks rather than an oral form. Contrary to claims made by manufacturers, the problem with oral preparations is that they are inactivated in liver and hence have very little utility.


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