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Is it okay to masturbate while watching pornographic films after marriage?

Q: I have been married for over one year now. Before marriage, I used masturbate regularly. While doing so, I used to watch pornographic movies which are legally available in USA, the country I am living right now. After marriage, I found that my wife has a very tight pelvic floor muscles because of which the penetration is not possible. She is undergoing physical therapy to cure this problem. She also has hemorrhoids because of the same reason. So we can not practice penetration. We can not even try anal sex because of the hemorrhoids. Anal sex is of course painful and not possible on a regular basis. We dont perform oral sex as my wife thinks its unhygenic. So the only thing I do for sexual pleasure is masturbate in her presence wherein she helps me to reach the orgasm. Lately I have found that I am again getting inclined towards watching pornographic movies which I used to do before marriage. I like to watch them alone as my wife thinks that watching those movies is indecent. But while watching those movies, I am always scared of being caught by my wife. Still I enjoy watching them and masturbating. Is this normal? Will my behavior of masturbating alone while watching movies even after being married be called as abnormal sexual behavior? Is it normal on my wifes part to prevent me from watching them for my own pleasure?

A:There is nothing right or wrong about sexual preferences, likes and dislikes of any one. It all depends on how one takes it. Moral policing for some one is the least desirable thing. As you are not doing anything not permitted by the law of the land, it is alright to do whatever pleases you. Please talk to your wife and make some rules of the game with mutual understanding. Also, get her medically examined so that the root casue of your problem is solved.


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