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Is it normal to urinate after ejaculating?

Q: I am 26 years old, male. I have been masturbating for almost six to seven years (twice to thrice a week). After masturbation, I used to urinate. I have always had a feeling that, I am urinating immediately after ejaculation. Recently, I had sex with a girl using condoms. The intercourse did not last too long. Immediately after ejaculating, I did not know that I had urinated. My condom was filled with urine. I am not sure if this is a problem. Is it normal to urinate during ejaculation? Can you please help me?

A:It is certainly abnormal to urinate without knowing after ejaculation. It could be a simple problem of bladder over activity, or a serious sphincter abnormality. You need to see a urologist and undergo certain battery of tests before a further decision is taken.


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