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Is it normal to get pain after a disc prolapse surgery?

Q: I suffered from a slipped disc 4-5 months back. The doctors diagnosed it as prolapse at L4-L5 and a bulge at L5-S1. I used to have pain in the right leg which was quite unbearable. It used to hurt my ankle and thighs. The doctors suggested surgery so I underwent surgery 3 weeks back. Now I am fine but I do get pain on my right leg which is bearable. It is at the same area as before which my doctor said that it would be there for atleast 6 weeks. I want to ask if this pain is normal? Is there any chance of having a slipped disc again? I am 21 years old.

A:Persistent pain after a disc surgery in the same site is unusual. It could be due to some inflammation around the nerve root, herniated disc material still irritating the nerve root or improper removal of disc material or wrong level surgery. Make sure that your temperature is normal, blood count is normal. Consult your doctor or another spinal surgeon if the pain persists. An MRI scan will show if the disc has been removed and x rays will show if the surgery has been performed at the correct level. Normally thigh pain disappears but back pain may remain after surgery.


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