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Is it normal to gain weight during middle age?

Q: I am 41 years old and about 5.5 feet tall. My weight was around 63-64 Kgs for a long time; however, in the past 2-3 years, I have gained 3-4 kgs and my waist line has also increased by 2 inches. Is it OK that I have gained weight? At what age does one stop gaining weight? Is there something I need to be particularly concerned about? I have high cholesterol although I do not smoke and I am strictly vegetarian.

A:It is quite normal to add a few inches to your waist around middle age. You usually tend to put on weight till 50 years, but there is no hard and fast rule as such. It all depends on your diet and your lifestyle. Try and exercise at least thrice a week. Since you have a cholesterol problem, take your medicines regularly and modify your diet as per the doctors advice. Restrict your total fat intake to 30% of total calories. Use skimmed milk, low fat cheese, low fat yoghurt. Avoid butter and cream. Eat plain breads instead of poori, parathas, butter naans and pastas. Have plenty of fruits and vegetables.


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