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Is it advisable to join a gym around 50 years of age?

Q: Is joining a gym or some heavy exercises an advisable alternative to remain fit after 45 years of age? I am a 49 years old man.

A:Anything that you do after a long period of time, has to be done cautiously. If you have not been exercising regularly before this, then go gently into any routine. The gym is one good option but not the only. It really depends on what your goal is: is it to lose weight? To stay healthy? To gain weight? To tone up? To ward of aging? The idea is to include exercises, which target all aspects of fitness: cardio vascular (running, brisk walking, cycling, swimming), resistance training in the form of weights, freehand exercises and lastly flexibility exercises that work on improving the suppleness. It also depends on what type of a person you are: if you are outdoor, you might enjoy a walk in the early hours of the morning or late evening. However, if you are not an early morning riser, or if you do not have access to an un-polluted environment then the gym may be a good option. Get a certified and trained fitness instructor to plan a program for you, taking all the above into consideration or write in again with more specific questions and we will be glad to help you!


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