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Is it advisable to have 2 children for a happy family?

Q: We are a married couple with a one and half year old daughter. I am seeking an advice regarding the adverse psychological effects of an only child. Is it advisable to have at least two children in a happy family? What should be the guiding factors for the parents to decide for the second child keeping the Indian sociological, and cultural values?

A:There are no formula solutions in life. Everything depends on your own decision in such matters. Many people remember their childhood, growing up with sisters and brothers. Sometimes it is a selective memory and we tend to remember only the pleasant things. That is why most of us can remember our summer holidays more than school terms. Most people that you meet would advise you to have two children. If you are sensitive to what people generally think, may be you should plan to have another child.But there are happy stories of only children as well. They learn to make cousins and classmates close to them. You both should discuss the matter and make a joint decision.


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