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Is E. coli in the semen dangerous?

Q: I am a 31 years old man who has been detected with Escherichia coli (E. coli) in the semen and have varicocoele too. My semen analysis was normal: Count - 95 million/ml and motility: 70%, hence no surgery has been suggested. For the infection I had undergone an antibiotic course for 7 days. But the second semen culture also showed E. coli. Now I am taking Gatilox 400 for 14 days. How long do I need to continue this course? Is E. coli in the semen dangerous? Will it adversely affect my chances of fathering a child?

A:Your fertility capability is show by your semen parameters, which are normal. Twenty percent of normal population has varicocele and no corrective measure is need in absence of symptoms or effect on semen parameters, as rightly advised in your case. Semen often gets contaminated with bacteria and hence may show positivity on cultures despite intense antibiotic courses. Such positive culture is to be treated only if it is thought to be affecting semen quality. Since you do not have symptoms and have normal semen parameters, you may not require any antibacterial therapy.


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