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Is hypertension linked to hypothyroidism?

Q: I am a 30 years old male suffering from high blood pressure for the past few days. Once, my blood pressure rose to 160/100 mmHg. Then I underwent general tests - lipid profile, TSH, KFT and ECG. All came normal except TSH (9) and total protein serum in urine is 9.3g/dl. Is hypertension linked to hypothyroidism? Currently, I am taking Amlopres in the morning after breakfast and thermoform 25 mcg with empty stomach. Am I on right treatment? I just started taking Thyronorm and am experiencing palpitations and anxiety. Now, my blood pressure is under control.

A:Hypertension may be feature of hypothyroidism but usually not at this level of TSH. In fact, if your T4 is normal, anti-TPO and cholesterol levels are not increased then you do not need Thyronorm right now. So I would suggest you to get these tests done and if abnormal keep taking Thyronorm otherwise stop it now and get it repeated after 3 months.


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