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Is Gilbert's syndrome a hereditary disorder?

Q: I was diagnosed with Gilbert's syndrome 3 years ago. Will there be any complications, if the bilirubin levels are raised? I also feel very hungry along with tiredness and therefore have long sleeping hours. I am becoming very slow in all my activities. I am 6 months pregnant, is there a chance of transmitting this disease to my child? I have had a history of typhoid when I was 12 years old.

A:Gilbert's syndrome is a genetic disorder and there is a small chance of transmission to the next generation. Since you are pregnant, I would think that the real reason for your tiredness and feeling hungry is the pregnancy itself. So would advise you to eat as much as you need for your pregnancy. The mild elevation of the bilirubin does not cause any risks even in the long term, although the bilirubin will rise further if you are fasting and have low sugar levels. So prolonged fasting is not advisable. Hope this is of some help to you.


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