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Is forceful mobilisation recommended for elbow stiffness?

Q: I dislocated my right elbow after falling on my arm about 6 weeks ago. I was out on plaster so my arm was motionless for three weeks. When it was removed the movement of my arm was limited. The elbow had become stiff. After that I was told to rest for a week. Then I started therapy where they are forcing the arm to straighten and they say that they will force it the other way to bend towards the body. This process is very painful and disturbing. Is this correct?

A:Exercises are usually started after 6 weeks. Forceful movements are to be completely avoided at the elbow joint. Elbow joint being a uniaxial joint can get damaged with forceful movements. Gentle flexion and extension exercises are advisable. Forceful movements can do harm to your joint permanently.


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