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Is Eptinol safe for treating seizures?

Q: My three years old daughter had her first seizure attack 15 months back. It lasted for 45 seconds. An EEG was done, which came out normal. A week ago, the seizure attack recurred. This time, the seizure attack lasted for more than half an hour. We admitted her to a hospital where she was kept under observation for a day. The doctor prescribed medicines - Eptinol and paracetamol (Apex 250). Now the doctor has asked us to continue with Eptinol for another two weeks and after two weeks, has asked us to go for EEG tests. Is Eptinol safe for my daughter? Should EEG be done after two weeks or immediately?

A:Your child has suffered two seizures, the second one being a prolonged episode. These occurred in the absence of fever. I feel the child should be on antiepileptic medications - I would prefer oxcarbazepine or sodium valproate. Secondly, the cause of fits needs to be determined by blood tests and an MRI of the brain. A cause can be found in up to 60% cases. There is no harm in doing the EEG after two weeks.


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