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Is ear surgery successful at 49?

Q: I am 49 years old and am using a hearing aid and it is quite useful. I wonder if any operation can help me at this age. How can a silastic sheet underneath the drum help if the Eustachian tube itself is defective? If silastic sheet can be inserted behind the drum to create an air pocket, why not insert it in the Eustachian tube itself so that it remains open for balancing the air pressure?

A:I think you should not rush for a surgery. The older one gets, more are the chances of developing a nerve loss along with. Air pocket is provided by the Eustachian tube to keep the middle ear structures working and the drum moving. The silastic after surgery only prevents the drum from sticking to the mucosa lining of the ear, that means it prevents adhesions, Eustachian tube is never ever completely blocked. So some air pocket does develop, though not as aerated as a normal ear. There are reports that some people have developed stents to keep the tube intact but you should understand that when we talk of opening and closing of the tube, it is more physiological then anatomical. To keep the Eustachian tube closed is also important if we talk about the pressure changes in the middle ear.


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