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Is clitoral circumcision possible?

Q: My girlfriend wants to have my penis circumcised so I had it done. But, now she wants to have her clitoral hood either split or completely removed. At first, I opposed it, but gradually I liked the idea of a completely bare clitoris. She is obsessed with the idea of her clit being circumcised. She wants it to be done in a traditional way. So my question is, can this be done and, if so where and how?

A:This is a tricky issue. Clitoral circumcisions used to be done traditionally to remove the clitoris and not to bare it. The hood on the clitoris is variable in different individuals and is not the same. In some, after stimulation the clitoris is more visible and bare. The excision of the hood can be done and is a very delicate procedure and if not done properly can lead to damage to the clitoris. Complication wise, there is the risk of a painful scar around the clitoris and in some cases loss of sensation also. It is not a very commonly done procedure. Please contact a plastic surgeon to have her evaluated for such a procedure, after considering the risks involved.


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