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Is circumcision necessary in case of painful intercourse?

Q: I really want to discuss a problem of mine and get a solution for it or consult a doctor and I really dont know any doctors in sexologist in Delhi. The problem is I am going to get married in the coming month of feb and its a love marriage and I have a good healthy and loveable relationship with my finance, this weekend we both were together at a friend place and we started to make love..she is a virgin so am I.. well when I started entering here she felt a lot of pain and all and so did I .. but we managed to do some part of it.. but when I started do it deeper.. my pains increased a lot .. and I had to take my penis out and there was blood all over it . and I had a big cut on the skin of the penis which covers the head of it. And somebody told me that the skin of our penis should go down to the maximum till the end, but the skin of my penis goes only down and when entering her.. I think it ruptured and we couldnt continue with our act.When I tried to check out I found that there is some kind of stitch with the skin below the shaft that stops the skin from going down further towards the end from the end of the shaft. Is it necessary that the skin should go down further? What should I do with the stitch and what can I do to let the skin go more down till the end? how do we have a good sexual life .. do I need to get this thing operate or anything, and if so who should I contact .. Please reply and do not turn me down. Thank you very much.

A:The skin in your case is tight and the frenulum which you call stitch,may be short and tight which prevents the skin from going back. Yes, it has to go back fully. February is still far. See a urologist. You may need a frenuloplasty or even circumcision. Many a times gentle stretching daily few times can help. Never ever leave your skin behind - always cover your glans i.e. the head. you can see me in Delhi as you seem to be living in Delhi.


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