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Is cellulite removal at slimming parlors safe?

Q: Is cellulite removal at slimming parlours through machines safe for the body? Does it harm one's body and health in any way? How effective is it?

A:Cellulite is dimpling appearance of the skin caused by fat deposits usually on thighs, buttocks and legs. It usually occurs due to female hormonal process and it’s irregularities never cease. So, you can never say that future cellulite problems will not occur. Going to slimming parlours does not really help. Machines could cause scalding and burns and at times, leave permanent marks of dead skin. Few sessions do not give you the desired results and redistribution of asymmetrical fat takes place in the areas of arm, neck, axilla and breasts. Moreover, if at all you get some results, they are mildly effective and you are left with no option but to deal with the problem again. I would suggest, you take a proper diet, drink plenty of water and do regular exercises. Choose anti-cellulite foods that cleans the body’s lymphatic and digestive system. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, legumes, fresh juices, whole grains should be the food choice for you. Drink minimum 8 glasses of water a day to flush away toxins. Water is important because the lymphatic system and liver are constantly filtering out toxins and if there is no water to flush them away, they are stored in skin cells which cause lot of damage to your skin. Exercises are important to increase the blood flow because it is the legs where most of the cellulite occurs.


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