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Is any substitute available for Penidure?

Q: My 33 years old wife is having rheumatic heart disease. She had mitral valve surgery-valve replacement. The doctor prescribed Penidure LA 12 for every 3 weeks and she is having that injection regularly. Now the injection is out of stock and I am unable to get it from the local market. Is there any another substitute for this drug? A local medical shopkeeper have given me Pencom 12 La by Alembic saying it as same like Penidure. After having the Pencom injection the part is swollen and very pain-ful and the doctor says that he have to do a surgery for it. Usually she used to recover from pain after 3 days. Please suggest.

A:Penidure LA 12 is the brand name. The name of the medicine it contains is called penicillin G - LA (long acting). This medicine is also sold under the brand name of Pencom by Alembic. There is absolutely no difference between Penidure LA 12 and Pencom. If the injection is given properly by disposable syringe so that there is no infection; pain and swelling, if any, is temporary. No surgery is required unless the needle is infected and pus accumulates.


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