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Is an operation recommended for a tight foreskin?

Q: I am 29 years old. The foreskin of my penis does not retract fully. The skin which attaches foreskin to the tip of the penis is preventing it to retract fully. Otherwise the foreskin is loose. I have come across term called frenuloplasty, kindly elaborate on it. How long or painful is the treatment for my problem? I am about to get married and worried about my future. Is there any way out, instead of an operation?

A:If the opening of the foreskin is tight, it is better to get circumcision done. Frenuloplasty is done for a tight frenulum which seen on the undersurface of glans as thin band of skin. If on retracting the foreskin, the frenulum gets stretched strongly and tilts the glans downwards significantly, then frenuloplasty may be done. It is better to see a urologist for the final opinion. Sometimes stretching the foreskin opening many times a day can loosen it after few days. If so, surgery can be avoided.


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