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Is acidity and pain in shoulder joint related?

Q: I am 25 years old. I get pain in my right shoulder joints whenever I feel gas formation and improper digestion. My doctor gave me Ranitidine for a week after which the pain reduced. Is the pain in the joints related to gas? Kindly advise me if this can recur in future. What is the precaution and type of food habits I should maintain? I cannot understand the meaning of protein rich, starch rich foods, so please explain it in general terms.

A:Pain in the joints is not usually related to gas in the stomach. I suspect the two symptoms are probably unconnected. If Ranitidine helped the abdominal symptoms - then it is probably indigestion. Indigestion is extremely common in the general population. Gas, bloating, upper abdominal pain /discomfort, burping and passing wind from the anus, pain on eating and all similar symptoms come under the heading of indigestion. Gas is usually due to air that you have swallowed rather than air that has been made in the stomach. People often swallow air when they are rushed or anxious without realising it. A protein -rich diet means a diet high in protein - for example a lot of meat. Starch is mainly made up of glucose and is a carbohydrate. I suggest that you take a balanced diet - a little of everything e.g. fat, protein and carbohydrate with plenty of vegetables and fruits.


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