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Is a slightly higher body temperature a cause of worry?

Q: I am a 34 years old woman diagnosed with uterus tuberculosis (TB) one and a half years back. I took treatment for six months after which the doctor told me that I am OK. After a couple of months, my body temperature was slightly above normal. I discussed it with the doctor but he told me that it would be fine. I do not feel any tiredness or exhaustion. Is slightly higher than normal body temperature risky? Can I conceive? To add, I had a miscarriage once.

A:If the diagnosis of TB is correct - has the treatment been started and taken for 6-9 months? Low-grade fever will need to be investigated - urine infection, renal tract, gut, lung, if it is not tuberculosis - and treated accordingly. For pregnancy - if tuberculosis diagnosis is correct - menses is not regular, tests to see persistent infection will be needed like menses blood AFB, or PCR, ESR and Mantoux tests. Infection will have to be treated first - chances of conception are markedly reduced, especially if tubes are also blocked. Adoption is a good alternative- quick way of having a child to rear.


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