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Is a post-lunch nap important?

Q: After my recent post-angioplasty review, my consultant feels that my general state of health being satisfactory, no vitamin or mineral supplement is needed as long as a balanced diet is ensured consistently, is it OK? As regards vitamins, I shall take folic acid 5 mg per day as advised. A clarification on the effect of vitamins on the potential growth of tissues around DES will enlighten me further. I have been recommended a post-lunch nap. I am already doing it for many years. How long should it be and what should be the time gap after lunch? Why is it being specifically recommended? I am a strict vegetarian and am following a low salt, low fat diet for the past four months strictly. Oils, ghee, butter or any saturated fat has been strictly eschewed. I am a teetotaller and a non-smoker too.

A:There is no need for you to take the vitamins, as vegetables, fruits and nuts contain adequate natural vitamins. Additional synthetic vitamins have not proved to be of any potential in the world literature. As far as nap after lunch is concerned, the scientific reasoning is very simple. After having lunch or dinner, one should not be involved in a strenuous physical or mental activity as there is more pooling of blood circulation towards the stomach to digest the food and there is relatively lesser circulation in the brain and heart. That is why one feels sleepy after meals. When the circulation in the heart is already compromised, napping has tremendous potential in maintaining the vital health of the brain and heart together.


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