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Is a person with undescended testis unfit for a government job?

Q: Is a case of undescended testis unilateral unfit to undertake any PSU or government jobs? What problems lead to the declaration of the candidate as unfit or temporarily unfit?

A:There is strong evidence that children with undescended testes (UDT) or cryptorchidism, of any type, irrespective of the location of the testis, have a 20-46 times higher risk of developing a testicular malignancy compared with the normal population. Data shows men with descended testes have a 1 in 500 lifetime risk of developing testicular cancer, whereas cryptorchid men have a 1 in 50 incidence. Undescended testis is eminently treatable in today's practice. An early diagnosis, informed counselling of parents and optimal surgical management including selective laparoscopy offer optimised opportunities for successful placement and function of the testis. Criteria for a government job require a person to be healthy and fit for the job.


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