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Is a painless DPT vaccine available?

Q: Is a painless DPT vaccination available? Since my child has to be vaccinated, the doctor advised me to take the painless DPT vaccination. Will this DPT be effective? My child is 2 months old.

A:There are two types of DPT vaccines available: 1. Acellular pertussis or the painless one that you refer to, which is much more expensive. 2. The usual one. The efficacy or protective ability of both vaccines is identical. However, the side effects, primarily, local pain and swelling at the injection site and fever (sometimes up to 101-102 degrees F for 1-2 days) occur in about one-third to half the subjects with the usual vaccine and are very rare (virtually unknown) with the expensive vaccine. In the light of the above information you can take the decision based on economic considerations. It may also be useful to remember that if you opt for the expensive vaccine, you will be required to give this for 5 times total to complete the course till five years of age.


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