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Is a congested chest in an infant a cause for concern?

Q: My daughter has a 9 months old baby boy. It was a normal delivery. The baby is very happy go lucky. His weight gain is just above normal. He weighs about 10 kg now and is about 30 inches tall. He got his first tooth at 7 months and now has 8 teeth. Since birth his chest sounds as if it is congested; it is like a wheezing kind of sound. Sometimes the sound is more than before. He hasn't had any cold or cough or any other ailment, flu, etc. Is there any reason for concern or will it develop into any complication at later stage? She has mentioned it to her GP and Nurse but they haven't explained anything.

A:From your description the sound from chest appears to be not indicative of any serious problem for the child. Wheezing in newborns and infants is associated with difficulty in feeding, increased rate of respiration, sleeping difficulties and poor growth. Many times the sound may be secondary to immaturity of the larynx or voice box, which will disappear as the child grows. Still it is better to consult a paediatrician and confirm about the sound.


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