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Infantile eczema

Q: My child (male, date of birth -3rd April 1999) was hardly a few months old when he developed rashes. On consulting the doctor we were told he has infantile eczema and that it goes away on its own as the child grows older. Eventually it did. Now my child is 2 1/2 years old and . He catches cough and cold very soon, in fact when in the month of Oct 2001 his cough and cold stayed for almost a month I contacted the doctor and was told that he has nasal bronchial allergy which I assume is a preliminary form of asthma as inhalers have been prescribed to him. Please tell me if my child has asthma, the cough cold is still there though controlled. I don't give the inhalers regularly as i think that he will get addicted to it, my father in law is an acute asthma patient. Will my child be able to lead a normal life? Will this get cured? what is the cure and prevention?

A:Naso Bronchial allergy is a genetic trait quite often but sometimes alsoarises denovo in the child because of the polluted environment we live in.The disease generally tends to get better as age advances, but exactly whatage that will happen is not predictable. Inhalers are not addicting agentsand so do not have to be feared. They are the best way to deliver themedication to the target organ which is the lung and with their help the child does not have to suffer the symptoms of the disease. I fullyreccomend them. Hope for the best, that like the great majority ofchildren, your child too will grow out of the problem. Meanwhile avoiddust, smoke and strong smells like perfume etc..


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